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In My Own Words

Updated: May 11, 2021

If there is still time on the clock after reading the day's news, doing chores, and shopping, find a comfortable chair, fortify it with pillows, set up your laptop at eye level, resist the temptation to read memes, news, and emails, and consider creating something that is uniquely yours.

The objective is to stretch your imagination and cross over into the exciting and purposeful world of writing. Once you start, there is no going back whether it's a newsletter to family and friends, a description of your mother or father's life, a listing of the books you've read, beers you've tasted, or places you lived, creating unique content is addictive and rewarding. Once you've captured and catalogued all the noteworthy and exciting events in your life, perhaps a book idea has captured your imagination.

Ancient Rome and her fighting Legions captured my imagination at an early age, but the books I read about Roman history and battles never scratched the itch quite the way I wanted. Writing historical fiction is the perfect way to blend familiar and historically accurate history with imaginative characters, battles, strategy, tactics, heroics, logistics, and defeats. I write for the joy it brings me. It's my passion. What is your passion?



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